Providing the value of “time-saving” through our haircut services

QB Group is expanding its various businesses in Japan and overseas by providing "simple and reliable haircut services" that eliminates unnecessary effort and waste and focuses only on the "quality of time " which is what people around the world truly need.

  • QBハウス
  • FaSS
  • QBハウスの訪問理美容サービス

Always simple and
reliable for customers

QB HOUSE opened its first outlet as Japan’s first “Just-Haircut salon” in Kanda-Mitoshirocho in 1996. In Japan and overseas, the QB HOUSE is offering "affordable and worry-free haircut services" that eliminate unnecessary treatments and waste and focus only on the "quality of time" that people in society truly need.

Challenges for the future
of QB House in 10 years

“Affordable and worry-free haircut service” that QB HOUSE has cultivated. Drawing on this experience, at QB HOUSE we are expanding QB PREMIUM as a venue in which we build a “sense of self” together with customers by deploying digital technology in an effort to evolve into a haircut service that aims to make customers even more unique.

Haircut styling salons
offering simplicity and suggestions

Based on the concept of "Feel a Simple Style" which has the simplicity of QB House at its core, we have been rolling out salons specialize in haircut styling while featuring a simple, open and comfortable space. Although services are simple, we continue to pursue quality hairstyle suggestions that reveal a person’s individuality, and quality services that are waste-free.

Mobile hairdressing services
for nursing homes and hospitals

We are ready to do our utmost to support the comfortable everyday lives of a variety of people, including those who are recuperating and have difficulty in visiting our salons.
To make this happen, we drive a “salon car,” equipped in a similar fashion to a real salon, to nursing facilities and offer treatments including shampooing, face-shaving, coloring and hair perms, not to mention haircuts. In this way, we are delighted to make more people have a peaceful mind and smile.


Mobile hairdressing services for nursing homes and hospitals

We run the LogiThcut Professional Stylist School, our original training program for stylists. The name LogiThcut was coined
from "logical" and "thinking." We have developed a theory for cutting based on logical thinking, and have prepared a curriculum
that enables trainees to acquire the necessary skills to become stylists in six months. Not only new graduates of vocational schools
but also people with no cutting experience or those who have left the industry for an extended period can improve their skills
in both cutting and customer service. The training program provides basic cutting training, haircutting skills for different styles,
customer service techniques, etc., and lets trainees debut as a stylist right after graduation.

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