This is a sense of values that if we take away things that lead to excess and waste and concentrate on truly necessary quality, that effort will connect us to richness. Here comes the space and freedom from pressure, created by the benefits of energy-saving, labor-saving, time-saving and resource-saving which are based on this sense of values. This brings people and Earth genuine richness. We believe that it is our raison d’être to pursue that richness and keep on with the pursuit.

1.The power of labor-saving

For us, "labor-saving" means promoting a digital shift in management and business operations,
not only to save the labor of customers who use our services and of all our employees,
but also to create a platform for smooth management in which appropriate business judgments
and strategies can be made.

2.The power of effort-saving:

For us, “effort-saving" means not only updating our haircut services to give a more comfortable
and rich experience, and increasing efficiency by eliminating hassle for customers who use
our services and for all our employees, but also becoming part of the social infrastructure
of Japan’s super-aging society.

3.The power of time-saving

For us, "time-saving" means eliminating wasted time, using time more efficiently, and co-creating
the value of 1,440 minutes of time per day in order to achieve the same social and economic effects
and benefits in less time, with the aim of realizing a richer and more comfortable life for everyone.

4.The power of resource-saving

By eliminating shampooing, hair coloring, shaving, and perms, we have achieved "resource-saving
hairdressing" on the basis of conserving cold and hot water. Because energy, mainly electricity,
is used for supplying water, we will continue to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to carbon neutrality by conserving cold and hot water.


Thoughts on the richness nurtured
using the power of four kinds of saving.

We have taken away shampooing, hair coloring, face-shaving and perms, and succeeded in realizing hairdressing that leads to resource-saving, based on water-saving and hot-water-saving. Electricity is consumed when a dryer is used to dry wet hair, and energy, mainly electricity, is consumed for pumping water. This is why we will keep reducing CO2 emissions by saving water and hot water with the aim of contributing to the realization of Net Zero.

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