Established on June 15, 2020
Revised on April 1, 2022

This privacy statement (hereinafter referred to as "Statement") applies to, QB Haircut Charts app, QB House and FaSS apps (Japanese market), recruiting sites, and other websites owned and operated by QB Net Holdings Co., Ltd. that direct viewers and users to the brand/corporate sites of QB House, FaSS, or QB Premium or this Statement. In this Statement, "QB Net" and "Company" refer to QB Net Holdings Co., Ltd. as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Websites owned and operated by the Company may contain links to websites owned and operated by other companies.

This Statement does not apply to websites and services owned and operated by third parties.

1.Information Collected by the Company

When you use the Company's services, the Company will collect certain information about you and the services you use.

The information that the Company collects will be classified into the following three categories.

  • (1)Information you provide to the Company;
  • (2)Information that is automatically collected from you when you use the services of the Company;and
  • (3)Information that the Company collects from other sources.
(1)Information you provide to the Company;

When you use the Company's services, the Company will collect information you provide to the Company. Your use of the Company's services includes purchasing the Company's services at its salons, visiting the Company’s website, and participating in surveys and promotions.

Information you provide to the Company includes your name, username, password, email address, postal code, phone number, address, financial account information such as your credit card number, demographic information such as your birthdate or place of birth, electronic haircut charts, and other information you choose to provide to the Company.

(2)Information that is automatically collected from you when you use the services of the Company

When you use the Company's services, the Company may collect information about the services you use and how you use those services. This information includes the following:

Purchase-related information

The Company may collect information about the place and frequency of your purchase of products, rewards such as the points you earned through such purchases, as well as information about the products you purchase.

This information includes your device, operating system, browser (for example, whether you used Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, or another browser), Internet service provider, domain name, Internet Protocol (IP) address, device identifier (or UDID), date and time of access to the Company services, the websites you visited to access the Company's websites, the webpages you requested, the date and time of those requests, and the type of advertisements you clicked or viewed. To collect the above information, the Company will use cookies and other similar technologies. Please see the "5. Cookies and other similar technologies" section below.

Location information

The Company may collect your physical location information when you use the Company’s services through a smartphone or other mobile device with location services on, when you access the Company’s website using your computer, or when you use the salon search service provided by the Company’s mobile apps.

The Company may provide you with information about salons located near you or combine your physical location information with other location information (such as information based on your IP address, invoice information, or zip code, etc.) to provide you with other services on your mobile device. If you wish to opt out of providing us with your location information, please see the “User selection” section below.

Information from in-store cameras

The Company uses in-store cameras to maintain the safety of its employees and customers in salons and to find ways to improve the Company’s customer experience. Except in the case where it is necessary for security purposes, the Company will not use these cameras to identify individuals.

Information described on electronic haircut charts

In order to improve the quality and safety of your use of the Company’s services, the Company’s stylists may describe the features of your head on electronic haircut charts.

(3)Information that the Company collects from other sources.

The Company collects published and available information. For example, the Company may collect information you posted on social media such as blogs, chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. The Company may also collect information about you from other companies and organizations within the scope of the law. By storing additional information about you, the Company will be able to correct any inaccurate information and provide you with product suggestions or special offers you may find more interesting.

2.Purposes of the Company’s use of the information it collects

The Company will use the information about you it collects for the following purposes:

  • ・To process purchases of products or services;
  • ・To improve the quality of your use of the Company’s services as well as to ensure the safety thereof;
  • ・To respond to questions and requests relating to customer service;
  • ・To post your comments and/or opinions on the Company’s website;
  • ・To send individual promotions or special offers to you;
  • ・To inform you about the Company’s brands, products, events, or other promotions;
  • ・To analyze information on your residential area, etc. and distribute advertisements such as salon information tailored to your needs;
  • ・To maintain and improve the sites, products, and services provided by the Company;
  • ・To detect, prevent, or investigate security breaches or unlawful acts;
  • ・To maintain appropriate records for internal administrative purposes; and
  • ・To evaluate franchise opportunities and communicate with you.

3.Purpose of the Company's sharing of the information it collects and the method for such sharing

The Company will share your information in accordance with the following conditions.

The Company may share your information such as your name, zip code, and service usage history with QB Net Holdings Co., Ltd. and the subsidiaries and affiliates described in the securities reports of the Company, for the purpose of appropriate management, analysis, and decision making, including decisions concerning franchises, the expansion and promotion of the products and services provided by the Company, and the fulfillment of orders and customer requests, as well as for other purposes described in this Statement. QB Net Holdings Co., Ltd. ( will be responsible for managing such shared information.

In the following cases, the Company may share your information with third parties in a manner permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

When the Company conducts business in coordination with a service provider

The Company may share your information with service providers who provide the Company with support services, such as credit card processing, website maintenance, email delivery, location mapping, mail processing and delivery, and analytics services. In this case, the Company will request these companies to refrain from collecting, using and disclosing your information, except in the course of performing services for the Company or when it is required by law to disclose your information.

When the Company is involved in business transfer, etc.

If the Company becomes involved in a merger or other situation that involves a transfer of all or part of its business assets, it may share your information with any entity or individual involved in such merger-related negotiations or business transfer. When information sharing helps to protect legal interests, specifically, when the Company determines that disclosure is necessary in terms of relevant laws, the execution of its agreements or policies, or the protection of the rights, assets, and safety of QB Net, partners (employees), and you, the Company may disclose your information.

When the Company shares information with other companies for marketing purposes

The Company may share your information with service providers who need to use your information to provide you with promotions or special offers. It may also share anonymously aggregated statistics about your use of the Company's websites and services with other companies.

When you give consent

If you give the Company permission or instructions to share information about you, the Company may share that information with other companies.

When the information does not identify an individual

The Company may share your information with others in a manner that does not identify an individual. For example, the Company may combine information about you with information about other individuals and share such combined information in a way that does not link it to you.

When you post on the Company’s website

If you post information on your blog section or elsewhere on the Company’s website, the information you post, including your username, may be seen by other visitors to the Company’s website.

4.Provision of your information to third parties

(1)The Company may provide your information to third parties in the following cases:
  • ・When you give consent;
  • ・When your information is jointly used pursuant to the preceding paragraph: and
  • ・Where permitted by law.
(2)Information collection module

The following information collection module is incorporated into this service to analyze user information. The collected information is sent to the provider of the information collection module and managed according to the rules specified by such provider (For details, please refer to the regulations of each information collection module provider).

  • (a)Information collection module name: Google Analytics SDK
  • (b)Information collection module provider: Google LLC
  • (c)Purpose of use: research on usage trends, distribution of advertisements suitable for users, and measurement of the effect of advertisements

5.Cookies and other similar technologies

The Company, together with other companies, may use various technologies to collect information about your device and use of the Company's services. These technologies include cookies.


Cookies are small data files that are sent from the website's server only while the user is browsing (session cookies) or for a certain period of time (persistent cookies) and stored on the hard drive of the user's device. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but users have the option to choose to accept or completely reject cookies, which users can do by changing the settings on their browsers. For more information about changing browser settings, see the "User selection" section below.

The Company will use cookies mainly for the following purposes.

Monitoring performance

Some cookies (performance cookies) analyze and evaluate the congestion status of the Company’s website. Performance cookies show the Company how many visitors interact with the Company’s website, whether errors are occurring, which pages often do not work, which pages take a long time to load, and which pages users tend to browse and in what order. These cookies do not collect any information that can identify users and are only used to improve the usability of the Company’s website and to better understand users’ interests.

Please note that even if you opt-out of receiving promotional notices from the Company, the Company may send you other information, such as emails regarding your account, purchase or franchise offers.

User selection
Users have the option to select the information about them that the Company will collect.
Location information

The Company may collect users’ physical location information only when they use their smartphones or other mobile devices to access the Company's services, when location services for mobile applications are available, or when mobile device settings allow the communication of this information. If users do not want the Company to collect their location information, they may opt-out of sharing this information by changing the relevant settings and permissions on their mobile devices.


If users wish to reject cookies, they must take steps to select the appropriate browser settings. Although each browser has slightly different cookie controls, the most common browsers (such as Internet Explorer) have settings and options concerning permissions for browsers to send notifications to users. Typically, such browsers always provide users with the option to choose whether to prefer a certain site to place cookies or whether to accept or reject cookies before they are placed. If users choose to remove or reject cookies, it may affect many features or services of the Company’s website. Regarding how to change the cookie settings, please refer to the Help menu on your browser. Additional information about cookies, including how to decline cookies, can be found here.

'Do Not Track' technology

Some of the latest web browsers have a “Do Not Track” setting that sends a signal to a website's header not to track user behavior on the website you are visiting. The Company's website currently does not support browsers that send out “Do Not Track” signals.

6.Measures taken for the secure management of your information

QB Net will protect your information using organizational, human, technical and physical security standards in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or modification of your information. The Company's security measures include firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls and administrative information controls. When you send highly sensitive information (e.g., your credit card number) through the Company's website or to any of the Company's mobile apps, the Company will encrypt the information transmission using the SSL protocol. The Company uses security technology and procedures to help protect your personal information. However, please understand that there is no system or network that can guarantee you 100% security.

7.Storage and processing of your information

The information provided by you to the Company will be stored and processed on servers owned by the Company and other companies to which the Company entrusts the handling of such information. Regardless of the country or person processing your information or where it is processed, the Company will take measures to protect your information in accordance with applicable information protection laws and this Statement.

8.Revision of this Statement

This Statement is issued as of the date shown at the top of this webpage. The Company may revise this Statement from time to time. When the Company makes a material change, it will publish a revised Statement on this page and change the date shown at the top. The Company recommends that you check the above-mentioned date each time you visit this webpage to confirm whether any revisions or changes have been made to this Statement. In the case of any change to this Statement that may significantly affect the manner in which the Company uses or discloses your personal information, the Company will notify you on this site prior to the effective date of such change.

9.Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, etc.

If you or your representative requests the disclosure or notification of the purpose of use of personal information, correction, addition to or deletion of the content thereof, suspension of the use thereof, or suspension of the provision thereof to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Requests for Disclosure, etc.”), the Company will respond to such request without delay.

(1)Items subject to Requests for Disclosure, etc.
Name, phone number, e-mail address, transaction history
(2)Method of making Requests for Disclosure, etc.
In principle, we receive requests by mail. The "Request for Disclosure, Correction, or Deletion, etc. of Personal Information" (a form prescribed by the Company) will be necessary. Please contact the Contact for Personal Information Inquiries described in the last paragraph of this Statement. We will verify your identity by following the procedures prescribed by the Company.
(3)Application fee for Requests for Disclosure, etc. and method for collection thereof
Fee and collection method: A fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for each notice (disclosure of personal information, notification of purpose of use). Please note that we will not return the documents and fees you submitted.
(4)Method of response to Requests for Disclosure, etc. (notification method) and related matters
We will send your requested information within five business days of the receipt of the "Request for Disclosure, Correction, or Deletion, etc. of Personal Information". The information you requested will be provided by a method designated by you or your representative (in the case where disclosure by such method would require a significant amount of expense or where disclosure by such method would be difficult, by the method of delivery of documents).
(5)Purpose of use of personal information obtained in connection with Requests for Disclosure, etc.
The Company will not use personal information acquired in connection with Requests for Disclosure, etc. for any purpose other than the fulfillment of your request for disclosure.
(6)Important matters

We are unable to respond to Requests for Disclosure, etc. in any of the following cases:

  • ・it is likely to harm the life, health, property or other rights or interests of the data subject or a third party;
  • ・the identity of the data subject cannot be verified;
  • ・in the case where the request is made by a representative, his or her right of representation cannot be verified;
  • ・the requesting person does not agree to our procedures;
  • ・responding to Requests for Disclosure, etc. would otherwise constitute a violation of laws and regulations; and
  • ・it is likely to significantly interfere with the proper execution of the Company's business.
(7)Other matters
The submitted documents will be stored for two years after the verification of the relevant Request for Disclosure, etc. is completed, and then they will be disposed of.

10.Name of the person responsible for the management of the personal data of users and contact point for inquiries about personal information

QB Net Holdings Co., Ltd.
Contact for Personal Information Inquiries
Address: 7F, Totate Nagai Building, 2-12-24 Shibuya Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6418-9190
Open hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and New Year's holidays)